About Me

Dominée LePen

I’m a 41 year-old author who writes contemporary romance for adults. I only smoke after good food, good sex, and a good book.

She who is tossed by the waves but doesn’t sink.

“Elle est battue par les flots, mais ne sombre pas,” as we say in French. Fluctuat nec mergitur is the motto of Paris, and you couldn’t sum up my life more precisely than with that phrase. I’m a born Parisian, but as fate would have it, I didn’t grow up there and would only return to the city of love and light! much later in life.

I’ve experienced my share of rough seas but have always managed to weather the storm in the end. As a result, I’m a bit of a nomad who is sailing and flying all across the globe. I’ve made my homelessness a virtue – I embrace and enjoy getting to know new places and people and I grow restless if I’m in one place too long.

Through all of this, writing has always helped me – see the light at the end of the tunnel, believe in tomorrow as well as in myself and my abilities. Writing has a therapeutic effect on me and I’ve practiced it for a long time. Up until recently though, I’ve hardly shared any of it. But as I’m taking stock of my life, the experiences I’ve had and the ones I’ve missed, I’m also exploring new things and fantasies in my writing. So… you’ve ‘met’ me here at an exciting time in my life!

Romance is an insanely broad genre, but I mainly limit myself to contemporary romance: my stories are set in the here and now. Still, enough subgenres exist to satisfy any preference and fetish! I routinely explore erotica, and sex will feature in many of my stories. I’m open to a lot of themes, including crime, science-fiction and fantasy. I enjoy writing from both a female and male point of view. I want to give heroes, villains and conflicted characters as much space as brides and grooms, romantic lovers and steaming affairs…

You’ll easily get to know me more through my writing, so check out my stories under romantic fiction or the books I’ve published so far. Readers who support me on Patreon get special access to extra content. In the blog on this site and the weekly newsletter, I talk about personal experiences, work in progress and what I’m currently reading.